MARI WEIDER OCR-Queen of Norway

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MARI WEIDER OCR-Queen of Norway
MARI WEIDER OCR-Queen of Norway

Mari Weider (@OCRQueen) Double Spartan World Champion in Sweden

24 hours racing in 1000 Mile socks
As Ultra Sports and OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) become more and more popular, so the Spartan Race series has become the pinnacle of personal endeavour for increasing numbers of “Super Racers”. 14 national series feed into the Spartan World Championship. Races vary from 30 miles and 70 obstacles and upward.
2018 Spartan age group (40-44) World Champion Mari Weider qualified again for the 2019 finals that this year took place in Sweden 7-11 November 2019.
3 Top Americans were among Mari’s competition over 24 hours, but after 7 laps Mari had dropped all of her age group, and she alone went on to complete 10 laps (Only 5 women of any age completed this many). That’s 50 miles, 6000 meters climbed, 240 obstacles and 24 hours racing in -14 degrees!
After being unhappy with her feet during training and racing, Mari recently met “Mr 1000 Mile Norway” Tollak Leidland (, and a perfect synergy was discovered.
Tollak has been evangelically helping Norwegians keep their feet cool, dry and blister-free with 1000 Mile socks for over 10 years.
Of course he wanted to help Mari!
Said Mari: “After cursing X number of runs in the woods with blisters, it was a bliss on earth to be sponsored with amazing socks from 1000Mile Norway. An exciting collaboration awaits the future - and at least guaranteed without a blister!”