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Runner's World:1000 Mile Ultimate Performance Sock.
"the wicking quality was most impressive, cushioning was above average..."

Marie Claire:1000 Mile Compression Socks. from the Marie Claire Fitness Expert
"If you have 2012 in your sights, take a top from Paula Radcliffe and try the 1000 Mile Compression Sock £12.99.

It provides superior muscle support, which means less muscle damage."

Good Housekeeping: 1000 Mile Ultimate Heavyweight Walk Sock.
"socks can make a big difference to comfort when walking long distances.

The socks stayed warm and comfortable all day, giving support to the foot arch.

They kept their shape and softness after washing, too."

Triathlete's World:1000 MIle Fusion Sock.
"There's lots to love about these new Fusion socks.

Padding around theh toe, heel and sole cushions and protects, while a padded strip from the heel to the ankle support the Achilles.

They come complete with a double-layer construction and a blister-free guarantee.

Time Out:1000 Mile 3 Season Performance Walk.
"light and fast-drying and among the snuggest socks on the market. Loops, braces and panels make the fit cosy too.

A great all-rounder"

Health & Fitness: 1000 Mile Compression Sock:
"sadly no-one mistook me for Paula Radcliffe, but I was mightily impressed by the support these socks offered and, just as importantly, how fresh my legs felt the day after a half marathon on road."

Sunday Times: 1000 Mile Support Sock:
"Treat your feet to a pair of 1000 Mile’s ankle-support socks (in black or white). They have a band of Lycra that acts like a built-in compression bandage for the ankle."

Womens Fitness: 1000 Mile Support Sock:
If you're looking for close-fitting comfort, you'll love the 1000 MIle Support Sock A band of Elastane Lycra runs underneath the sole to the back of the heel, providing firm support and targeted compression.

Runner's World: Ultimate Tactel Sock
"Its double layered construction means fabric rubs on fabric, not your skin.

Great for compulsive blister sufferers especially as these socks boast a better fit than before."

The Independent on Sunday: 1000 Mile Heavyweight walking sock
" Very effective for distance walking and running.

Cooler than Ronhills product"

Men’s Fitness: 1000 Mile Walking sock
"Featured in the joy of socks section"

Outdoor Enthusiast: All Terrain Sock
"The unique feature of 1000 Mile Socks is their double layer construction which is guaranteed to prevent blisters.

These socks also feature an arch brace so airflow channels really increase breathability.

Very comfortable.
At just two millimetres thick, the Noene is the slimmest footbed on test but should absorb 94 per cent of shock from heelstrike, and, after a long run our tester's feet did feel alot less battered than usual!"

Country Walking, april 2007 "1000 Mile 3 Season Sock":
”de var midt i blinken for meg. Jeg likte den myke helen, og fikk mye igjen for at helene var så godt forsterket”

Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine: 1000 Mile MTB Sock:
"1000 Miles sokkene er mitt førstevalg når jeg står overfor en våt og kald sykkeltur”

Runner's World: "Ultimate Tactel Sock"
“Det doble laget betyr at stoffet gnager mot stoffet, og ikke mot huden din.

Veldig bra for de som lett får gnagsår, spesielt fordi de skryter av at disse sokkene har en bedre passform enn tidligere”

The Independent on Sunday: "1000 Mile Heavyweight walking sock"

"Veldig effektive på distanseturer og løping. Kjøligere enn Ronhills produkter"

220 Triathlon, test centre: "1000 Mile Tactel sock"
“Prestasjon: 8, Verdi: 8, Dom: komfortable sokker som holder føttene dine friske”

Outdoor Enthusiast: "All Terrain Sock"
"Den unike egenskapen til 1000 Mile sokkene er det doble laget som garanterer at du ikke får gnagsår.

Disse sokkene har også en vriststøtte, og luftkanaler som øker pusteevnen. Veldig komfortable.